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Little Orchard Justice
Jacobs Sire

South Fork Breezy
Jacobs Dam

Breezy is a very correct, well balanced doe, sharp and dairy with strong feet and legs. She really excels in the mammary system with a rear udder that is incredibly high and wide, with a good medial and almost perfect teat size and placement. Breezy outsmarted me last season and ended up not being bred, but boy she made up for it this year! She looks incredible and it really showed in both her show record and her appraisal score.

Breezy also finished her championship last season. The Toi Soldier daughters are super correct, they show and appraise well, and they milk!! We could not be more pleased with them. Breezy tied for All American Junior Kid with her 1/2 sister Tricky in 2006.

Her current lactation, in progress, is 4-11   305   2460   88
LA at 5 years - EX 92 - EEEE

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Southfork Chancellor
Jacobs Grand sire Justice Sire

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